IJI Solar Salt is a nitrate based salt comprising high purity nitrates of sodium and potassium. The composition provides superior thermal performance at a lower cost. The salt proves to be very effective and economical when used as a heat transfer and heat storage medium in Solar thermal power plants. The major performance of our solar salt is its ability to store large amounts of heat in a small volume. This is demonstrated by the heat density of 43 BTU/ft³ °F. This heat density is about 2.7 times greater than most liquid thermic fluids (16 BTU/ft³ °F). The salt is chemically stable upto 593 °F or 1100 °F . Kindly contact us for more information and details about this salt and its application.

Working Range:- 222 °C – 593 °C

In addition various formulations are available based on LiNO3, Ca(NO3)2

Working Range:- 120 °C onwards

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