Tempering, Martempering and Austempering Salts

Austempering is an isothermal process that involves retreatment of components that have been hardened in order to relieve the hardening strain and increase the toughness.

High Speed Hardening

IJI neutral salts are eutectic mixtures of chlorides specially formulated to provide excellent stability, neutrality and increased fluidity. Our salts offer a wide working range from 660° to 1350 °C.

Quenching Salts

IJI quenching salts are chloride based and are suitable for high temperature ranges especially for quenching high speed steel tools. They are completely soluble in water and offer increased fluidity, stability and are non-oxidising.

Aluminium Dip Brazing

To braze is to join two or more pieces of metal by means of flowing a filler metal between the joint interfaces at a temperature below the melting point of the base metal but above 900°F (488°C).

Alkali Based Degreasing Agents

Alkali based degreasing agents have been specially developed to degrease ferrous and non-ferrous metals so as to prepare them for various types of treatment.

Blackening and Bluing Salts

This blackening compound is used for black-oxidizing ferrous metal and alloy parts by giving a jet-black rustproof finish to ferrous metal and alloy steel parts.

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